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Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Dear Friends of ESAM,

Since November we have made great strides in our “mission” to save the former GE hangar. On Thursday, December 20, 2018 in a supplemental budget for Schenectady County, the Chairman of the legislature included $50,000 in funding for an architectural analysis of the hangar to bring it up to date.

We have acquired three RFPs from three different local architectural firms that are familiar with the museum. Schenectady County will choose the best one to conduct this analysis in early 2019.

On another note, we have received two additional grants to help in the anticipated costs of erecting the model of the Concorde and the rehab of the hangar. The first one was a New York State grant from Senator Jim Tedisco for $50,000, which was presented to us at our annual dinner meeting in October. The grant is now with the Dormitory Authority and hopefully will be activated by the time this newsletter is issued. We also received a $5,000 grant from the Glenville Local Development Corporation to apply towards the cost of erecting the Concorde.

To summarize, we have been able to raise over $105,000 since November and will continue to work at increasing the funds needed for all of the items we have going on into 2019. Our action list contains the following:

a. Renovating the main hangar, starting with the architectural analysis in 2019.

b. Erecting the Concorde in front of the hangar by May 2019.

c. Painting and repairing the “Credible Sport” C-130.

d. Acquiring a “Harrier Jet Fighter”, thanks to John Panoski and his efforts to have

Boeing provide the funds to transport the aircraft to our museum.

In 2019 we will be busy and we need everyone on board to assist and participate in all we are trying to do to make this museum a “must see” for all. Happy Holidays to all!

Peter V. Russo, Sr.

ESAM President

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