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ESAM regularly participates in after school and in-class activities at schools and community organizations across our region. Aviation programs are able to motivate and interest students, as well as provide educational value to supplement any curriculum. 

 Outreach programs are great for:

-Schools & after-school programs

-Elks, Rotary,Zonta & Kiwanis groups 

-STEM Fairs

- Festivals 

Our educators provide a variety of interactive programs designed to engage  and inspire learning. We can adjust or create a curriculum to suit your group's specific needs. Below is a sampling of our standard program offerings. Please contact the museum office at or 518-377-2191 Ext. 10 for additional information.

Note: Many of ESAM's programs are undergoing revision to better serve the needs of our community. Please continue to check back, as we expect to post updates on new programming as it becomes available.

Make and launch your very own rocket right here at ESAM! 

Learn the basics of powered flight and board one of our historic Aircraft!

Let us help you trace the evolution of aircraft from the Wright Brothers to modern day Aircraft.

Get a chance to experience simulated flight with one of our talented volunteers!

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