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  • How many planes does ESAM have?
    The museum has over 20 restored aircraft for display in our airpark, with various smaller planes and gliders on display in our main building.
  • Can I take photos or videos of the exhibits during my visit to ESAM?
    Absolutely! We encourage all our visitors to comemorate their visits to ESAM. If you share them online please tag us, we would love to see some of the amazing photos taken at our museum!
  • Can I fly into the Museum?
    Yes. Tower Frequency is 121.3 while Ground Frequency is 121.9. Land at Schenctady County Airport and taxi to Richmor Aviation North. Tell them you are going to ESAM.
  • Is there parking on site?
    Yes there is plenty of free parking on site, along with larger parking spaces designed for buses.
  • Does them Muesum ever close due to weather?
    Yes, we do close occasionally. If the weather is too dangerous for our employees or visitors to drive, we will close the Museum and offices for the day.
  • What age range is the museum targeted towards?
    The museum is ideal for aviators of all ages. We have exhibits designed that those both young and old can enjoy.
  • Does the museum offer Guided Tours?
    Absolutely! ESAM offers guided tours to groups of 10 or more. If you wish to take a Guided Tour, please call our office at (518) 377-2191 ext 10 or email us at
  • Will the Museum ever have another Airshow?
    Unfortunately, there will not be any more large airshows like the museum has hosted in the past. However, stay in touch with ESAM as we will have future events with remarkable aircraft visiting our museum.
  • How do I donate items to the museum? (Books, models, aviation memorabilia, historical artifacts) "
    Please go to our donation page for more info or call our office at (518) 377-2191 and you will be directed to the appropirate party.
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