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Bob Vore Receives "Alex" Award

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Bob Vore, ESAM’s Information Technology Coordinator, was awarded the 2017 “Alex” Award at the museum’s Annual Dinner Meeting.

Each year, one or more ESAM volunteer(s) are presented with the “Alex” Award for their sustained and outstanding volunteerism. Named in memory of a truly great ESAM volunteer, Roland "Alex" Alexander, the award recognizes the volunteer's service, cooperation, teamwork and a dedicated pursuit of excellence.

Bob has been an ESAM member since 2010. His volunteer efforts touch the entire museum. One of the first things a visitor sees when coming to the museum is our roadside sign. Bob manages the messages that are displayed on the sign. When a visitor

pays the entry fee to the museum or buys something in the Gift Shop he or she may do so on the museum’s credit card machine. Bob keeps the credit card system in working order and updates it as necessary. When a new exhibit has a computerized aspect, such as the Beechcraft flight simulator that is currently in development, Bob is involved. When a visitor reads the signage on the exhibits in the galleries there is a good chance that Bob was involved in producing the signage. When the office administrative staff and others use the phone or access email and the internet they do so on systems that Bob maintains. When the museum’s website needs changing, Bob participates in the changes. When the museum’s internal computer system needs upgrading, maintenance, reconfiguration or troubleshooting, Bob is the person who makes it happen. (For example, recently Bob worked with the Restoration Team to put them on the museum’s computer system.) When the computerized collections management system needs attention, Bob provides it for both the Research Center and the Objects Collections.

Bob also volunteers as a member of the Curatorial & Acquisitions Committee and at special events. In particular in 2017, he coordinated the sale of un-built models that generated more than $1,000 for the


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