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Celebrating 40 years of history and flights of the imagination!

Friday July 26th 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Engaging presentation from an F-4 Phantom pilot, Lt Col Dan Petkunas.


Top Gun movie will follow in the hangar by the F-5 aircraft.


A chance to win a spot in the F-5 with a professional photograph taken with the 40th raffle.


Food and beverages will be available to purchase throughout the night.  

Bring camp chairs or cushions to enjoy the experience in comfort.  

$25 per entrance, includes the talk by Lt Col Dan Petkunas.

Note, Zeffy, our payment platform partner will add a suggested  tip to cover the processing fees (Add a contribution to keep the platform we use 100% free!). You may change the value to zero or more than the suggested amount. ESAM does not receive any of the tip.

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