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Celebrating 40 years of history and flights of the imagination!

Drawing Friday July 26th during Top Gun Extravanza

Want the chance to be a part of Top Gun history?  Win the special prize of sitting in the cockpit of the F-5, and have your photo taken by renowned photographer, Dino Petrocelli (who is a veteran himself). 


There will be 3 winners drawn at random who will sit for their photos on the night.  If you have purchased a raffle ticket, but will not be there on the night, we will arrange an alternative time/day during that weekend to have your photo taken.  


$20 per raffle ticket.  Can be purchased on line in advance, or on the night.  

Note, Zeffy, our payment platform partner will add a suggested  tip to cover the processing fees (Add a contribution to keep the platform we use 100% free!). You may change the value to zero or more than the suggested amount. ESAM does not receive any of the tip.

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