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You'd Better Get Down Here and Look at This!...

With those paraphrased words over the phone to ESAM’s Treasurer Joyce Newkirk, David Buono, Richmor Aviation’s Manager at the Schenectady County Airport, turned what was an otherwise quiet afternoon into a scramble for cameras, phones and car keys.

So after most of the staff convoyed on down to Richmor, what were we getting down there to look at?

A B-25 on the ramp!

It was the kind of break-up-the-day event that any aviation aficionado enjoys so much. The WW II era bomber was on its way from the Midwest to an air show in Maine when it stopped at KSCH for fuel. Lucky us! To see more photos go to ESAM’s Facebook page @EmpireStateAerosciencesMuseum.

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