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Spring has finally shown up and our calendar is almost full for the months of April and May. In April we will be introduced to the RPI Ambassadors, students at RPI who will assist us in many different areas where we need help. In May, we will be hosting the American Trucking Association’s event on the 18th entitled “Touch A Truck”. We’ll have trucks from industry, military, fire & police, and antiques.

The architectural firm, Re4orm Architects, whom we hired to transform the main hangar, have presented a rough draft showing how the museum could look in the very near future. (The video below is their vision of the museum in the future.) The draft has been sent to all the members of the Board of Trustees for their input.

The architect has provided us with a 3-phase plan, along with costs. The main effort of Phase 1 is re-storing the main hangar so it can be used year-round as the main gallery for the museum.

The County is working with us by providing the funding for the architect and hopefully for the beginning of the rehab of the hangar. We will be launching a major fundraising effort which will begin when the Concorde model has been erected in front of the hangar.

We have three new major exhibits to be included in all tours; (1) Concorde – 12 ton model when erected, (2) Harrier jet, and (3) The “Credible Sport” C-130. We want to welcome everyone to the museum and hopefully more people will be coming to see us with these new additions.

Look forward to seeing you at the museum,

Peter V. Russo, Sr.

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